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The monsters and storylines are of the Doctor Who, Harry Potter level scariness, so please expect, goblins, evil witches, zombies, ghosts, dragons, evil Jinn, werewolves etc Age 7 years to years.


We have all ages coming and enjoying the show. Please do not bring any children under this age limit.

Each show has scare level rating. Please allow two hours show length. These shows can entertain large groups such as schools or festivals.

Call us to chat about your event or birthday Frequently Asked Questions How does the show work? The class audience of up to 24 children and adults sit around one half of the theatre which become either the Wizards Tower or the Crows Nest Inn which is set in an alternative 18th Centery England. The other half of the space is divided by the Portal of Power, behind which the scene will change as it transports you to locations on your quest, such as dungeons, caves, sorcerers towers, tents, woodland clearings etc. Your lead Storymaster Professor will guide, help everyone get involved who wants to.

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Wizards and Witches

The show will contain, creature masked actors, puppets, smoke, narrated soundscapes and props you can handle. We have around ten different Quests for you to do. What age is is suitable for? We have different shows that have different scare levels. Most of our clients are families with children aged between 7 and 16 years old, but have also had our minimum age 6 and adults as old as 90 years and they have enjoy it in equal measure. How scary is it?

Wizards and Witches - TV Tropes

I like to think we are at a level that is intense but not too scary. Witches, with the exception of Glinda in The Wizard of Oz, are bad: hags, crones etc. Wizards, on the other hand, are sage, foreseeing and intelligent, with the exception of the eponymous aforementioned resident of Oz, who was a bit dim. Peter Vaughan, St Senoch, France.


They were probably wise women who threatened the status quo. Margaret Wilkes, Perth, Western Australia. Wizards are male, so that's OK. No way there could have been a Harriet Potter. Chris Barnett, Tokyo, Japan. The punishment for a celibate and teetotal life.

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Alasdair Courtney, Perth, Western Australia. Howard Wiseman, Brisbane, Australia.

MAGIC KINGDOM - Wizards And Witches (2019) // Official Audio Video // AFM Records

Tell an old joke and see what happens. Because it makes it easier to fit on to the square tins. John Ryder, Kyoto, Japan.

Someone I know was once sitting next to the Queen at a dinner. As a result of something that came up in conversation, she said she needed to remember to do something the next day.

Witches and Wizards

So she opened her bag, took out a handkerchief, tied a knot in it and put it back in her bag. My acquaintance happened to know that the reminder was effective. Christine Reid, Eastbourne, UK. Why can't England take penalties?