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The pieces collected in Volume I, Interpretive Essays on Class Formation and Class Struggle , offer a stimulating, empirically grounded survey of North American collective behaviour, popular mobilizations, and social struggles, ranging from a rich discussion of ritualistic protest like the charivari through the rise of the Knights of Labor in the s to campaigns against neoliberal labour reform in British Columbia in the early s. What emerges is Palmer's sustained reflection on long-standing interpretive historical problems of class formation, the dynamics of social change, and how popular social movements arise and relate to law, the state, and existing cultural contexts.

Theorising the Ibero-American Atlantic.

Editors: Harald E. Braun and Lisa Vollendorf. Taking the criticisms launched at Atlantic Studies as a starting point, contributors query and explore the viability of the Ibero-American Atlantic as a framework of research.

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Their essays take stock of theories, methodologies, debates and trends in recent scholarship, and set down pathways for future research. As a result, the contributions in this volume establish the historical reality of the Ibero-American Atlantic as well as its tremendous value for scholarship. Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement.

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Delete Cancel Save. On the few occasions when CPUSA officials objected to a Comintern order, they usually pleaded that the Comintern did not understand the situation or that a particular Comintern representative had exceeded Moscow's mandate. One finds no documents in the Soviet archives, either in the records of the Communist International or in those of the CPUSA, that show American Communist leaders refusing to carry out Comintern orders as a matter of principle.

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Instead, the archives contain unqualified assertions of American Communist loyalty to the "first land of socialism. Although most historians agree that the Comintern basically controlled every aspect of American party affairs during the s, some scholars have asserted that after that time, as the CPUSA matured, the movement became "Americanized," and the party exercised a large degree of autonomy. These posts historians maintain that American Communists of the s and s generation were essentially democratic in their outlook and that, although they still honored the Soviet Union symbolically as the first and most powerful socialist country, the CPUSA was neither Stalinist nor totalitarian in outlook or conduct.

John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr. Fridrikh I. Annals of Communism Series.

The Soviet World of American Communism: Harvey Klehr:

Bolshevik Self-Portraits. A Crime Without Punishment.

Edited by Anna M. Cienciala, Natalia S.

American Communism and Soviet Russia

The Tragedy of the Soviet Countryside, Volume one. Edited by Lynne Viola, V.

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