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He graduated from Yale where he received his MD in He trained clinically in Medicine and Oncology at She specializes in the treatment of breast cancer. She is also an Assistant Professor at the Judy E. Her interests focus on breast cancer He studied bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley before moving on to Stanford University to earn an MS in materials science Giordano received William J.

Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is Director of the Julie R. Carrie R. Graveel earned her PhD. She then served as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. In Mark I. In Dr.

Biology of breast cancer in young women | Breast Cancer Research | Full Text

Greene moved from Canada to Harvard University. His laboratory interests have focused on the area of cancer genetics, including the etiology of the pediatric kidney Bruce G. His medical school training, internship, residency Adrian L. Padnos Professor of Breast Cancer Research.

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She performed her thesis work under Dr. Joseph Schlessinger, where she studied Her2 signaling in breast cancer, and was the first to map Her2 phosphorylation sites. She then joined Dr. Her laboratory is focused on identifying Hicks is a molecular geneticist using genomics to study the initiation and progression of cancer in human patients with the goal of developing clinical assays for improving the treatment of the disease.

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His current studies expand on his previous work on the He studies genetic recombination, a molecular mechanism that moves genes around and also repairs DNA damage. This is an essential operation that cells use to Hong's research is focused on breast cancer etiology, survivorship, and prognosis Gabriel Hortobagyi is an internationally recognized expert in clinical and translational research of breast cancer.

Kathryn B. Research in her laboratory is both basic and Horwitz has had a continuing Mien-Chie Hung, Ph. Huo's research spans across several areas of breast cancer research, including: 1 the genetic Her research focus includes breast cancer prevention, identifying Ince was a visiting clinical scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, James N. His research is focused on the Jaffee is an internationally recognized expert in cancer immunology with specific expertise in the pre-clinical and early clinical development of immunotherapies for breast and pancreatic cancers.

She has developed novel vaccine approaches for the treatment of She obtained her Ph.

The biology of circulating tumor cells

William G. Kaelin, Jr. He was a clinical fellow in medical oncology at the Dana He graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai in After completing his graduate study at Duke in , Dr. Kang became an Irvington Institute postdoctoral fellow with She is an internationally known endocrinologist and cancer researcher and has Annette R.

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  • She is the Seema A. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center He received his MD and PhD. Kuhn is a scientist and entrepreneur with a career long commitment in personalized medicine and individualized cancer patient care.

    Introduction to Cancer Biology (Part 1): Abnormal Signal Transduction

    He is focused on the redesign of cancer care. A major focus of Dr. Several years ago, this work yielded an unexpected breakthrough, when Dr. Lee reported the inactivation of the prototypic tumor suppressor gene, the retinoblastoma He was a tenured faculty member at Stanford before joining City of Hope in , where he is now the Billy and Audrey L. Wilder Endowed Professor in Sporn, a pioneer in the field of chemoprevention, at Dartmouth Medical School for 12 years.

    Areas of Focus

    She recently started an Associate Professor position focused on drug discovery Marc E. He undertook his clinical training in Sherene Loi MD, PhD, is a clinician scientist and medical oncologist specializing in the treatment of breast cancer. She also leads a lab that focuses on understanding the genomic and immune interface in breast cancer with the aim to investigate and develop novel He received his B. Macklin works with teams of clinicians, modelers, and biologists to develop and validate sophisticated computer models of Ursula A. Sofia Merajver is a physician scientist with a translational focus on integrating molecular genetics of breast cancer with fundamental studies of the dynamics of cancer signal transduction into innovative clinical strategies for women at high risk for breast cancer His thesis work focused on the study of genetic polymorphism in fetal hemoglobin gene in patients with sickle cell Kathy D.

    Miller completed internal medicine training at Hopkins, then returned to her native Midwest for fellowship training at Indiana University, serving as Chief Fellow in He is responsible for the implementation of an integrated program of tumor analysis, decision-making and implementation of Leslie L. Montgomery is a board-certified surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer. She was She is a breast medical oncologist with clinical and translational research interest in central nervous system metastases Marsha A. She has made significant contributions to our understanding of the biochemical and molecular He has a major interest and Senthil K.

    Muthuswamy, Ph. Muthuswamy received his Ph.

    Professor Newton received his B. Originally trained in scientific computing and mechanics during his PhD study at The Ohio State University and as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago working on fluids and materials, during the past 15 years Dr.

    Nie has devoted his research effort to Nurse is noted for discoveries about molecular mechanisms that regulate the cell cycle, the process by which a cell copies its The main interest of Dr. Her studies have focused on breast cancer and in receptor action in Osborne was born in St. He completed his internship and residency at Johns Hopkins and followed this with three years as a Clinical Associate at the Medicine Branch of Allen Frankfater.

    Thereafter, she did her post-doctoral fellowship at the Robert H. He studies the molecular machinery that replicates DNA and duplicates the cellular genome. Several years ago his laboratory made the first discovery of a protein that Pandolfi presently holds the Reisman Endowed Chair of Barbara Parker is involved in the studies of novel personalized therapies for the treatment of breast cancer, the impact of diet and lifestyle on breast cancer outcomes, and the quality of life of breast cancer survivors.

    She is the principal investigator for the Mark D. Pegram, MD is a renowned clinician and scholar in breast cancer research and a leader in translational medicine. Pegram played a major role in developing the drug Herceptin as a treatment for HER2-positive breast cancer, which constitutes about 20 percent Martine J. Research in Dr. After receiving her medical degree from Mount Sinai in , Dr. Port was a general surgery Pusztai received his medical degree from the Semmelweis Jorge S. After finishing his histopathology training at the Institute of Molecular Pathology and Immunology, University of Porto, He is a professor and the head of the public health and epidemiology teaching group at the Technion Faculty of Medicine.

    Professor Rennert is also Andrea L. His major interests include the study of the key molecular events and Hope S. Her research interests Previously, Dr.

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    Regina M. She is a laboratory-based biochemist with extensive experience in the area of chemical carcinogenesis and She did her postdoctoral work at the University of Colorado Boulder and is currently an Associate She is an internationally recognized expert in breast cancer translational research and in He has Dennis C. He maintains an active clinical practice on the breast pathology She then completed fellowships at both the She completed her medical school training at McGill and spent three years in England where her interest in hematology developed.

    She completed her training as Bryan R. His lab blends engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, and medicine to develop new Ian E. His initial medical training was in Edinburgh and he From October through September Studies of normal and cancer stem cells from the same tissue have shed light on the ontogeny of tumors.

    That signaling pathways such as Bmi1 and Wnt have similar effects in normal and cancer stem cell self-renewal suggests that common molecular pathways regulate both populations. Understanding the biology of cancer stem cells will contribute to the identification of molecular targets important for future therapies. Build and share your own catalog of courses with Class Central's custom lists. Read more. Most commonly asked questions about Coursera Coursera.