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Katie and Matt are champion ocean swimmers, who love nothing better than a challenge that will test their training and skills to the limit.

But even the toughest Sydney beach is nothing compared with the course of events mapped out for them by their parents! Effi and Christie live in another world - intense, funny, often overheated and far removed from the coast in so many ways. And when those two worlds meet, in an unforgettable blend of love and loss, violence and poetry, only the strongest will succeed in swimming against the tide. Her great grandmother was the voice of stories in her childhood and Irini believes she was always destined to be an English teacher.

She holds several degrees and has written a number of novels. Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Against the Tide By: Irini Savvides. Be the first to write a review. Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Books with a similar title.

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He has published three books on the evolution of cooperation, and a number of popular books, including Mr. Jefferson and the Giant Moose. Foster was awarded a B. Margaret A.

Beyond Starship Enterprise: Racism, Sexism, and the Science Pipeline

Tolbert and Steve M. This work was conducted at the University of California, Irvine in the laboratory of Dr. Barbara Finlayson-Pitts. Edward J. He received his Ph. Hackett studies the social organization and dynamics of scientific research, asking how patterns of organization and interaction influence performance, and particularly how transdisciplinary collaborations achieve scientific synthesis. He has also written about research misconduct, the scientific career, science and law, university-industry research relations, and environmental justice.

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Sandra L. Hanson is Professor of Sociology at Catholic University. Hanson received a Fulbright award for teaching and research on gender in Eastern Europe at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow Poland. Her second Fulbright award was for teaching and research on gender and science in an international context at the Global and European Studies Institute, Leipzig University.

Sandra testified before the U.

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    After 16 years of faculty service at Harvard and Columbia Universities, he joined UA in and headed Neuroscience until He studies insect nervous systems, mainly the neurobiology of the olfactory system, its roles in behavior, and related areas of chemical ecology and biology of disease vectors. He is author of over research papers and reviews, editor of five books, and past president of several professional organizations.

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    A member of the National Academy of Sciences, he serves as an elected member of its Council. His research has produced fundamental insights regarding the packaging and functioning of DNA in living cells and viruses. Over the past decade, Prof. Experiments carried out in his laboratory have provided several clues to how the first molecules of life could have spontaneously formed on Earth more than 3. Hud received his B.

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    Nola Hylton, Ph. Hylton also leads two NCI-funded efforts to improve the integration of quantitative imaging QI in breast cancer clinical trials through the development of software tools and quality control processes. He was educated at the University of Texas at Austin B. At NIST, he has been responsible for the design, technical development and leadership of research projects related to understanding and characterizing the potential environmental health and human safety risks of engineered nanomaterials. His predominant research efforts are focused on investigating and characterizing the biochemical mechanisms involved in nanomaterial-induced genotoxicity oxidative damage to nucleic acids through in depth studies involving increasingly complex biological exposure models.

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    His laboratory develops and utilizes a combination of low- e. He has authored or co-authored more than 50 refereed publications, given more than 50 oral presentations domestically and internationally and is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of Environmental Quality. Oates received her B.

    Oates joined WPI from the National Science Foundation, where she had served as a deputy director of the Division of Undergraduate Education charged with supporting innovative programs to strengthen undergraduate education and help revitalize American entrepreneurship and competitiveness.

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    Among the honors she has received are the Bruce Albert's Award, presented by American Society for Cell Biology for excellence in science education reform, and the Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest civilian honor presented by the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In she was inducted as a fellow into the prestigious American Association for the Advancement as a Science Education fellow. Sadik completed her Ph. Her research areas include surface chemistry, chemical sensors, biosensors, and smart materials for solving problems in biological system, energy and the environment.

    Sadik has over full-length publications and patents, and has given keynotes and invited lectures, as well as contributed conference lectures and abstracts. Sadik holds four U. Mark C.