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Supports design, jacketed vessels, nozzles and openings, flat ends, bolted flange connections, local load analysis and fatigue assessment are all considered.

COMPRESS – Pressure Vessel Design Software

A simplified treatment of the use of finite element analysis in pressure vessel design is also given. Participants are expected to have a good understanding of general engineering mechanics.

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Design quickly Simple toolsets to help you design complex pressure vessels rapidly. Achieve faster time to market Fast, scalable, and easy-to-use software to expedite pressure vessel design process. No scope of errors or omissions Automatically calculates thicknesses for each component.

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Develop safe, reliable designs Implements current version of ASME requirements applicable to design of pressure vessels. Follow pressure vessel design best practices Features implemented as per industry best practices.

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Automatic 2D Drawing Generator. Use 3D models to generate 2D drawings Reduce the time to draw 2D parts by automatically generating them from 3D models.

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  • Intergraph® Acquires Norwegian Pressure Vessel Design Software Company OhmTech A/S - NS Energy.

Accurate drawing Draw the components at scale in a scaled up drawing sheet format with dimensioning. Automatic detail generation Get separate and detailed views of each component. Ready to use high-quality design templates Faster completion of design using templates instead of creating vessel designs from scratch.

Safety and Codes

Instant and accurate design calculations for a complete design Supports organizations using FEED methodology — easy to create comprehensive designs with full detail to avoid estimation errors. Automatic 2D drawing generator. Available anytime, anywhere Highly interactive software, accessible through browser from any internet-connected device.

The Design by Analysis approach is certainly the need of an hour for pressure vessel manufacturers seeking to optimize the design and save some material and money. This alternative approach as per ASME guidelines can be used as a compliment to design by formulas, and is not even cumbersome. However, the results through analysis using FE systems are largely dependent on the user judgment, his proficiency with the FE tools and the reliability of the program being utilized.

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For years, pressure vessels have been indirectly involved in making our lives better. Source: Strathclyde training course leaflet.