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Skip to main content. Cardiovascular Pharmacology Research using advanced imaging and electrophysiological techniques to examine the cellular and intracellular mechanisms of the heart and microcirculation Read more. Medicinal Chemistry Work in the Medicinal Chemistry Group concerns the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of active organic molecules at the interfaces of chemistry and biology Read more.


Neuropharmacology Neuropharmacology is the study of the effects of drugs on the nervous system, aiming to develop compounds to benefit humans with psychiatric and neurological disease Read more. Signalling Work in the Department includes state of the art subcellular imaging, ion channel electrophysiology including single channel studies , and the generation of novel molecular and chemical probes to dissect signaling pathways Read more. Read more. Latest News.

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Pak2 regulation of ER stress in cardioprotection. We are part of Oxford Medical Sciences. The role of pharmacology is to understand why these changes are happening, allowing us to develop better drugs.

Pharmacology is crucial for:. Pharmacology lies at the heart of biomedical science, linking together chemistry, physiology and pathology. Pharmacologists work closely with a wide variety of other disciplines that make up modern biomedical science, including neuroscience, molecular and cell biology, immunology and cancer biology.

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Pharmacological knowledge improves the lives of millions of people across the world. It maximises their benefit and minimises risk and harm. As new diseases emerge, and older medicines - like antibiotics - no longer work as well, the contribution of pharmacology to finding better and safer medicines becomes all the more vital.

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A pharmacist is a licensed health professional who prepares, dispenses and advises on medicinal drugs. A pharmacologist is a scientist that researches new drugs. Sign in. Pharmacology Join today. Search for:. Policy positions and statements About pharmacology.

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