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The performance management system represents the official system of record for University staff evaluations. Communicative dialog and interaction between the supervisor and employee is a part of the evaluation process.

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The evaluation process should include the following components:. Evaluation Prior to Completion of Probationary Period Prior to the end of the first 6 months of initial employment, supervisors will evaluate employees to determine if the probationary period has been successfully completed. The probationary employee will be designated as successfully completing the probationary period if the completed initial evaluation is not made available in writing prior to the end of the probationary period, or if the probationary period has not been extended in writing prior to its expiration.

Performance Evaluation

Unsatisfactory Overall Evaluation Rating and Appeals An overall evaluation rating of unsatisfactory will disqualify an employee from receiving a merit increase. Merit increases should reflect the overall performance and conduct of the employee and are not subject to employee appeal.

In addition, an unsatisfactory evaluation rating may result in an accelerated review period, or a recommendation for suspension, involuntary demotion, or dismissal. USS As applicable, USS with an overall evaluation rating of unsatisfactory will also be ineligible for an across-the-board increase, a longevity bonus, and are ineligible for transfer to or interview for job vacancies at the University. USS with two or more unsatisfactory ratings completed a minimum of 30 days apart within a day period or an indication of adequate counseling about which the staff member has been fully informed may result in a recommendation for involuntary demotion or dismissal.

A USS who has successfully completed a probationary period for the current position or on a promotional probationary appointment may appeal to HRM up to 7 calendar days after acknowledging the receipt of an overall evaluation rating of unsatisfactory by submitting an Evaluation Appeals Form to HRM. Performance evaluation appeal eligibility, procedures, and probation extension timeframes or limitations for USS covered by a bargaining unit will be followed as specified in the applicable memorandum of agreement MOA.

As applicable, an overall evaluation rating of unsatisfactory will result in denial of salary increases; longevity bonuses; may disallow promotion and transfer; and may result in disciplinary action. Campus Road Lawrence, KS hrdept ku.

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University Core Competencies. Performance Management System User Guides. Carica PDF. PDF Ripristina Elimina per sempre.

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