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Breathtaking Plantation Mansion in Louisiana

LOG IN. In this Book. Additional Information. As preservationist Mary Carol Miller talked with Mississippians about her books on lost mansions and landmarks, enthusiasts brought her more stories of great architecture ravaged by time.


The twenty-seven houses included in her new book are among the most memorable of Mississippi's vanished antebellum and Victorian mansions. The list ranges from the oldest house in the Natchez region, lost in a fire, to a Reconstruction-era home that found new life as a school for freed slaves. From two Gulf Coast landmarks both lost to Hurricane Katrina, to the mysteriously misplaced facades of Hernando's White House and Columbus's Flynnwood, these homes mark high points in the broad sweep of Mississippi history and the state's architectural legacy.

Miller tells the stories of these homes through accounts from the families who built and maintained them.

Mounting losses

These structures run the stylistic gamut from Greek revival to Second Empire, and their owners include everyone from Revolutionary-era soldiers to governors and scoundrels. Table of Contents. Cover Download Save.

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Frontmatter Download Save. Contents pp.

Preface pp. Acknowledgments pp. Introduction pp.

Lost Mansions of Mississippi Vol. 2 by Mary Carol Miller (2010, Hardcover)

Laurel Hill pp. Although the state is firmly Republican, Democrats could still have an outside shot of winning on Nov. At the very least, uncertainty on the Republican side could muddy the Mississippi waters with a runoff election later this month. Tate Reeves started out as the heir apparent to outgoing Republican Gov.

Phil Bryant; he has raised far more money than his primary opponents while also picking up endorsements from major conservative organizations such as the National Rifle Association and Americans for Prosperity. But his approach as lieutenant governor has rubbed some Republicans the wrong way , leaving the door open for two primary opponents: former Mississippi Supreme Court Chief Justice Bill Waller Jr.

Robert Foster, who made national headlines for refusing to allow a female reporter shadow his campaign , as no other man would be present.

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And although Reeves has continued to lead in the limited number of primary polls out there , the most recent one should worry him: In late July, Mason-Dixon found Reeves ahead of Waller by just 10 percentage points, 41 percent to 31 percent with Foster at 13 percent. I half-hoped someone would salvage that out of the place, but would assume no-one did.

Another favorite is at Tula, hiding up in woods. When I last walked around it thoroughly, there was still a well at the back that had the wooden crank mechanism. I have never heard of Osage Orange being used for architectural woodwork. I would also like to see any pictures you have of that house.

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  4. I may know someone with pictures. My memory is that the moulding was really nice but a little rough. What startled me is that no one had ever painted it.

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    4. Hall, used it for making knife handles. I have a big knife Mr. Recently, I got two paring knives that were made with osage orange handles by Andy Waller, a local blacksmith who learned from Mr. Hall and has his tools.

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      I have various things made from Osage Orange but nothing large or complicated, just handles and bowls and other similar things. I have always liked the hue and grain of the wood, presumably so did the owners of that house as they never painted it. I just thought of where the owners of the Grinderswitch house or the woodworkers who built it would have gotten Osage Orange?

      It became especially popular for hedgerows around cattle fields as a subsitute for barbed wire and later experienced a boom when New Deal workers planted it all over the place for Dust Bowl windbreaks in the Plains and elsewhere. Also, I wonder how many Osage Orange trees had to be cut down before any suitable wood was found? I have never seen an Osage Orange with any more than about 5 or 6 feet of straight branches, the whole tree seems to be a tangled, gnarled mass. Hello ELMalvaney!

      She states in the letter that she is writing from the Snowdoun house. She also talks in the letter about her slaves, a recent family wedding, and things she purchased.