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Johannes Kepler and the New Astronomy by James R. Voelkel

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What Galileo saw.

In Linz Kepler married Susanna Reuttinger. The couple had six children, of whom three died very early.

In this work Kepler demonstrated that the Christian calendar was in error by five years, and that Jesus had been born in 4 BC, a conclusion that is now universally accepted. Between and Kepler published Epitome Astronomiae Copernicanae "Epitome of Copernican Astronomy" , which became the most influential introduction to heliocentric astronomy; in he published Harmonice Mundi "Harmony of the World" , in which he derived the heliocentric distances of the planets and their periods from considerations of musical harmony.

In this work we find his third law, relating the periods of the planets to their mean orbital radii. In there was a witch hunt in Kepler's native region, and his own mother was accused of being a witch. It was not until late in that the proceedings against her ended with her being set free. At her trial, her defense was conducted by her son Johannes. Kepler's position in Linz now became progressively worse, as Counter Reformation measures put pressure on Protestants in the Upper Austria province of which Linz was the capital.

Because he was a court official, Kepler was exempted from a decree that banished all Protestants from the province, but he nevertheless suffered persecution. During this time Kepler was having his Tabulae Rudolphinae "Rudolphine Tables" printed, the new tables, based on Tycho Brahe's accurate observations, calculated according to Kepler's elliptical astronomy. When a peasant rebellion broke out and Linz was besieged, a fire destroyed the printer's house and shop, and with it much of the printed edition.

Soldiers were garrisoned in Kepler's house. He and his family left Linz in The Tabulae Rudolphinae were published in Ulm in Kepler now had no position and no salary. He tried to obtain appointments from various courts and returned to Prague in an effort to pry salary that was owed him from his years as Imperial Mathematician from the imperial treasury.

He died in Regensburg in Besides the works mentioned here, Kepler published numerous smaller works on a variety of subjects. A complete list of his works can be found in Bibliographia Kepleriana , 2d ed. Martha List Munich: Beck, William H. Parts of the Epitome and Harmonice Mundi can be found in vol. Other works of interest are David C. Donald M. Beck, , Vol. I, frontispiece. Nesting Spheres: ibid.

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