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How to Use Intuition to Make Important Life Decisions

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How To Trust Your Inner Guidance System

Living Wisdom K — 12 Schools. Course Topics Include: What true intuition is. Where it comes from. Attitudes necessary for developing it. An easy-to-understand practices and guidelines that will help you tap into intuitive guidance at will. Audio learning tracks mp3 format. Video classes.

How to Trust Your Intuition and Higher Guidance

Interactive forum. Introspection and journal exercises. Personal support via email or telephone. The LOCATE technique is a simple way to allow yourself to notice the silence of your own awareness and then tell your body to show you the energy of the fear of punishment.

7 Ways to Develop Your Intuition or Inner Guidance System

But first an overview on what happens after that. IN Technique Energy. The energy of the fear of punishment is what we call an IN Technique energy. This means that it is an unresolved, old painful emotion from that past. It will feel like a tight knot or ball of energy stored inside of you somewhere. Often we will store such energies in our solar plexus or chest, somewhere toward the center of the body although it could be stored anywhere,. Once you can feel this tight, constricted energy you will then start the IN Technique.

This way you can guide yourself through the technique at your own pace. So you will start with the LOCATE Technique which will help you to find where you are storing the energy pattern of the fear of punishment in your body. As soon as you find it you will shift to the IN Technique you may have to open your eyes for a moment to click on the appropriate link just below the big buttons. When you it feels like all of the energy of that fear is completely gone, use the short version of the LOCATE Technique to check to see that you really got all of the energy totally resolved.

If you are going to be truly free of the fear of punishment then you will want to be thorough about this. Sometimes there is because in the beginning you may inadvertently stop before it is really gone. This is because you are doing something that is the exact opposite of what you have been deeply conditioned to do your whole life.

Either way, if there is still some energy of the fear of punishment left inside of you shift again to the IN Technique and resolve it completely. When all of the energy is really gone use LOCATE twice to tell the body to show you any remaining energy of the fear of punishment and if you get nothing twice you can be pretty sure that you got it all. Make sure that you have activated all of the techniques that you will be using.

To get started you first have to feel the energy field of the fear of punishment. As mentioned above, follow the LOCATE Technique instructions by using the app and when you get a good sense of the quietness, tell the body to show you the energy of the fear of punishment. Pretty much immediately the body will show you some tight knot or ball of energy inside. This is the old unresolved energy of the traumatic experiences of getting punished.

If this is the first time or one of your first few times doing the IN Technique, use the first way of doing it as the second way is easier to do after doing it the first way several time. In the beginning many people stop as soon as they start to feel better. Feeling better is good but having the energy completely gone is what we are looking for. The techniques are easiest to do with your eyes closed. Click the appropriate link below for either the female or male voice, whichever one you downloaded. You will immediately get a new screen with two large buttons on it.

You may feel lighter or you may feel a sense of freedom or relief. Or you might not feel anything in particular. The important thing will be to start to now consciously recognize and follow your intuitive ideas. Getting More Support.

This is quite common. What you probably need is just a little help from someone who is really familiar with doing this and with guiding others through the process. We can only do so much with a recorded app, even as good as the Inner Guidance App system is. In order to do make sure that you are really free of any remaining unresolved fear of punishment, use the LOCATE Technique repeatedly and tell the body to show you any energy of this fear that you might still be holding in your body.

When you tell the body to show you any such energy and then you tell it a second time and get no response from the body both times, you can be pretty sure that you got it all. Locate IN — short version. While there are several books on the subject available and many more that have a chapter on intuition, this book is unique in one very important aspect. It is the only book I have seen on intuition that effectively explains how to know when something is intuition and when it is not.

Trusting Your Intuition -Your Soul's Inner Guidance ~

People often learn to distrust their intuition because it has proven wrong when in reality it was not intuition at all. Learning to discern when something is truly your intuition speaking to you and when it is not is critically important if you are to learning to trust your intuition. This is a recommended read because the discussion of discerning intuition is so well done.

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Step 1. – How to Trust Your Intuition More Consistently

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