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At first they try poisoning him, which fails, since his first death from dysentery inoculated him against all attacks on the gastrointestinal. The operative responsible for strangulating the magician while he is bathing slips on a slight pool of water and lands badly on his neck, remains paralyzed for life, and Nasiruddin Khan denies the coincidental possibility of all these events and realizes Alauddin the Magician is meant to serve the cause of resistance.


Our whole family, including yours truly, Hedayatesque, swimming fetal, shuttles to the hotel and lines up to test-fly the rug. Are you sure, my mother takes a step back, but Reshma grabs her arm. Fire in the Unnameable Country by Ghalib Islam. Reprinted by permission of Penguin Canada Books Inc. Islam, who earned his degr See More.

Ghalib Islam

All this was true: he hovered several feet off the ground, rose twelve feet in the air, and when others tried to operate it similarly, the rug was unresponsive until Alauddin uttered some inscrutable open-sesame words which were once commonly understood, and clapped twice. University of Toronto Magazine.

Published on Jun 19, Go explore. And then you can begin editing, and you can begin shaping the prose on the page. Indeed, Fire in the Unnameable Country , with its bewildering blend of global geopolitics, reality culture, fears of terrorism and state surveillance, feels like it was written for this very moment in time.

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It helps that a significant amount of the novel takes place within, or deals with characters who work in, a massive government agency that collects the innermost thoughts of the populace, giving the novel a ripped-from-the-headlines quality more common to non-fiction. It seemed very relevant, it seemed very fresh. Islam was born in Bangladesh in , and spent his early years there and in Nigeria, where his father worked for a time.

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  • In , the entire family immigrated to Canada. Like many writers, he knew from an early age that this would be his career.

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    There was an urgency about the fact that a novel had to be written. His mentor was none other than Margaret Atwood.

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    In , while still a student, his work came to the attention of Doubleday Canada, and Islam was offered a publishing contract. In retrospect, I suffered.

    I suffered for years trying to get to a place where a publisher like Doubleday was going to offer me an advance for a manuscript. It took me several years. I basically wrote another book. And this is that book.

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    He cut himself off from friends, spent what little money he had on food and rent, and simply wrote. And I did that — I got about , words out. And then I was hit by a car.

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    It was June 15, , and he was struck by an SUV, driven by a drunk driver, who fled the scene. They found me with a loaf of bread in my backpack, blood everywhere. You have to find them immediately! I kept reading, I kept writing.