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Podcasts are great for passive learning during activities like commuting, working out, or cleaning.

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Here are the best IT podcasts that offer learning and insight into the most current, timely topics in tech:. Each week the podcast asks questions of professional programmers who have over 10, hours of experience. The topics range from scaling web apps to WordPress plugins and javascript. The idea is to learn from the mistakes of expert programmers.

It was only a matter of time before This Week in Enterprise Tech emerged to offer the same type of information catered to the IT pro crowd. The podcast, hosted by on-air personality, Father Robert Ballister, covers trends in enterprise systems. The show includes a rotating group of regulars who discuss the impact this technology has on the field. Scott Hanselman is a web developer and programmer at Microsoft.

The podcast explores many tech topics that Hanselman feels are valuable, but the overarching emphasis is on tech culture and current events in technology. A weekly informational podcast on security, Risky Business offers insights into topics like doxing scammers and the DNC hack. Listening to Risky Business is a must for those in the information security industry who want to make the most out of their time.

In addition, the podcast is acclaimed for providing relevant and timely information to pros and will be celebrating its th show this summer. The program explores real-life situations with network professionals and others who gush over network news. He invites various co-hosts to sit down with him and discuss happenings in the world of open source software. They discuss everything from up-and-coming IT groundbreakers to the best new software on the market.

As the name might suggest, The Cloudcast is a podcast about cloud computing. It has a heavy focus on programming within the cloud. This podcast covers current and relevant subject matter including some of the following topics:. Debug was created for Apple developers to opine over the latest Apple news, updates and speculation. The hosts, Guy English and Rene Ritchie, offer a wealth of experience given their backgrounds as an iOS developer and iMore editor-in-chief, respectively. Their combined knowledge and insight mixed with entertaining banter makes for an interesting and informative podcast for Apple developers.

Popular Podcasts - Crime & Beyond

This podcast exudes the intimate, conversational feel of four friends talking about something they know well: programming. The concept was developed to offer perspective from several young developers who have achieved a lot in their short careers. If you like a good roundtable discussion about tech, Three Devs and a Maybe is for you. The Accidental Tech Podcast tackles all things technology with a heavy emphasis on tech pop culture.

This podcast is refreshing for professionals who grew up immersing themselves in technology as a fun hobby and learned how to turn that passion into a profession along the way. Know your audience. Hand in hand with tip 3: Make content for your listeners. It will keep them loyal and make them more likely to share your content with friends. If you try to make your content more general to appeal to a wider audience, it may backfire and cause you to lose your current listeners — and without gaining new ones.

Always convey information.

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And tell a good story. Make it part of a bigger lesson or overall tip. People are coming to your podcast to learn something, so use your platform to convey useful information to keep people coming back. But keep in mind an anecdote could be a good way to keep your audience engaged, but should not carry the podcast. Have good pacing. Keep your pace natural and conversational. Also pay attention to the pace of the topic itself. Make sure there are transitions between ideas and that they are flowing naturally from one component to the next.

How to Start Your Own Podcast (Step by Step)

Be engaging. Easier said than done. In podcasting, the important thing to remember here is to have a conversational tone , but be enthusiastic about your subject. Allow your personality to shine through. Duration matters. Be generous when editing your material. You may be too close to the episode to do it yourself. Release transcripts.

If you upload your podcasts to YouTube, it will automatically generate transcripts, but not every platform has this capability.

A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting With WordPress — SitePoint

Transcripts are useful for people who are skimming your content, want to cite it, or are deaf or hard of hearing but are interested in your show. Be regular.

The most important thing when starting a podcast is to keep it regular, so have at least three episode ideas ready to go before you execute your first one. Create a publishing schedule and stick to it. The tips above will help you with your audience, but our speakers also relayed advice and best practices on the business model.