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May 12, Carl Alves rated it liked it. Of late I've been really souring on the insane overabundance of serial killer novels. They have been so overdone of late that it was hard to trudge through yet another one. Still, Cruel Intent was a pretty easy read and had a lighter tone than some of the others I've read lately.

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In Cruel Intent, ex TV journalist Ali Reynolds gets involved in a murder case when the contractor working on her case is investigated and later arrested for murder. In the process, she comes across a website devoted to Of late I've been really souring on the insane overabundance of serial killer novels.

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In the process, she comes across a website devoted to married people hooking up and gets in the crosshairs of the killer. My biggest problem is that their was so much extraneous information that was neither pertinent to the story or remotely interesting. I think Jance could have cut a quarter of the novel out and not missed a beat.

The whole side story where Ali was in charge of giving a scholarship was pointless. With a better editor this novel would have improved greatly.

Carl Alves - author of Two For Eternity View 1 comment. Feb 18, Randy Daugherty rated it liked it.

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Cruel Intent by J. Jance this was my first time reading Jance and may be why I rated it lower just not being use to her style though I did find the book a good read. The characters are well developed and interesting and more they are very believable. We all can relate to the trials that all the characters are going through. We start with a murdered woman, a beautiful wife and mother, she is also having an affair not just one but a string leaving the police with one viable suspect the husband.

Bria Cruel Intent by J. Brian is a hard working father and husband, one who turns a blind eye than to lose his kids. When charged with his wife's murder he turns to Ali Reynolds, a writer to help him out. The investigation leads Ali to a dating site and brings her into the sites of the true murderer, not just one who has killed but one who has done it many times over the years.

The question is can Ali figure this all out before she or those close to her fall to this psycho makes for a good read. The one thing you need to take from this book, is never mess with an elderly lady with a taser! This was my first time reading of J. Jance but it will not be my last as I will give Jance more than a chance to make me a fan and I want to learn more of Ali and her adventures. Dec 15, William Bentrim rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: any mystery fan. Jance Ali Reynolds just wanted to get into her house and make Thanksgiving dinner.

Little did she know that a serial killer would thrust his ugly way into her hopes for a pleasant holiday.

This mystery really moved. Jance put the pedal to the metal and never let up. Ali is a likeable heroine who cares about people around her. She is tolerant of others and their differences.

Her butler, Leland, provides her with a steady hand when she lets her emotions run away. Her relation Cruel Intent by J. Her relationship with her Mother and Dad came off as authentic and familiar. I found her a very believable character. Peter Winters, the psychopathic serial killer was almost stereotypically evil.

I Rewatched "Cruel Intentions" As An Adult And Oh Boy It Was A Mess

He had no redeeming characteristics. Jance populated the book with characters that are entertaining and believable. The tension in the story and the action will provide every adrenal junkie a great rush. I highly recommend the book. Why J. Jance would choose to create a character as ridiculous as Ali Reynolds only she knows! Yet, she was a successful journalist. Ali seems to possess what is called all book sense and no common sense. Jance had a winner in her J. Beaumont character whom I like and always looked forward to the next book. Cruel Intent Why J. Cruel Intent is one of the better Ali Reynolds stories.

In this installment Ali is restoring a mansion when the manager of her construction crew is taken in for questioning for the murder of his wife. Ali Reynolds is behaving more like an adult then a broken hearted child as she had in past stories. Jance but I prefer the J. View 2 comments. Feb 12, Sue rated it really liked it. I enjoy the Ali Reynolds books in large part because the settings comprise places that are familiar to me. She may be unrealistic, as bemoaned by other readers, but aren't most "detectives?

This book was good; however, I missed the motivation for the murders of the other women. Were they killed because they were unfaithful or were they killed in order for their computer information to be stolen, as was hinted at the en I enjoy the Ali Reynolds books in large part because the settings comprise places that are familiar to me.

Were they killed because they were unfaithful or were they killed in order for their computer information to be stolen, as was hinted at the end of the book? Other than that one detail, I thought it was a pretty good page turner Jun 10, Stacy rated it it was amazing Shelves: mysteries , read-in , five-stars. The villain was truly terrifying. The storylines regarding hosting Thanksgiving and the interference of Ali's mother were distracting and superfluous.

Apr 24, Carole Anderson rated it it was amazing.

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This was on of the author's Ali Reynolds books and it was good. As usual Ali gets wrapped up in a murder and almost gets killed, but there's humor and surprise and it was an enjoyable rea. Aug 31, Donnie McDow rated it really liked it. May 09, Clare rated it liked it. Took me ages to finish this one I kept picking it up and putting it down as I just couldn't seem yo care about any of the characters.

Apr 04, Donn Lorber rated it it was ok. An ok story that is predictable and not inspiring. Oct 16, Russ added it. Jance is a prolific writer of mysteries. She currently has 4 different series in publication. Her books are quick easy reads. Apr 18, JBradford rated it liked it. I have yet to find a book by J. Jance that was not well worth the reading.

It is escape fiction, perhaps, but it is good escape fiction, with a generally interesting cast of fully understandable characters involved in a complex plot that gives us understanding of how these people interact with what is going on around them to the extent that we can determine whether we might or would want to act that way, too.

In addition, I am always eager to see how succ I have yet to find a book by J.

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In addition, I am always eager to see how successful authors work out their plots—and with more than 27 best-selling novels to her credit, J. Jance certainly is a successful author. This is actually the fourth book in a series featuring Ali Reynolds, now an ex-television journalist, who has come back to her home town in Sedona, Arizona, which was also the locale of at least the two previous books in the series, none of which I have read, unfortunately.

The relationship she had established with Dave Holman, the Sedona detective who proved her innocence when she was accused of having murdered her second husband, has cooled off somewhat--or rather, put somewhat on hold , as Dave has been custody of his two daughters and they seem to be consuming much of whatever free time he has from the detecting business.

Cruel Intent

At the same time, Ali has purchased a crumbling mansion, which she is busy restoring, with the hope that she can move into it by Thanksgiving, leaving the upscale mobile home which boasts a studio basement she inherited from her aunt to Chris and Athena … with that restoration, which is actually being done by a local contractor, Bryan Forester and his crew, under the watchful eye of Leland Brooks, a diminutive and elderly gentleman who has been having a homosexual relationship with the local judge for some years, and who apparently used to be the butler for one of the now-departed characters in a previous novel in the series, and who has adopted the idea of helping Ali get over her depression as his new hobby.

Is the scene all set? Along comes Peter Winter, a doctor down in Phoenix, who has two hobbies. One hobby is operating a somewhat raunchy Internet dating service, named Singleatheart, which is aimed to appeal to people who are not happy with their married state. His second hobby is beguiling lonely housewives among his clientele who look like his deceased wife--and then killing them, as he did her, as well as his mother.