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Courage: The Backbone of Leadership Summary

Jan 14, Nickole rated it it was amazing. Great book for becoming a stronger person and less afraid of the what if's!

There is plenty of examples of courage application in your day to day work life. Oct 13, Steve Kreidler rated it liked it. Same old messages in a new book.

Nothing wrong with the message or stories, but no new insights about courage as a component of leadership. May 27, Mike rated it liked it Shelves: group-dynamics , leadership-development. Gus Lee is an amazing author, speaker, and person. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing him present in person myself. But several folks whose judgment I really respect have positively raved about him. Of course there is plenty of good stuff here.

Writing novels might be Mr. Lee's forte as an author. I'm looking forward to reading one of his fictional works. My sense is that several of these include many autobiographical elements. And I really love reading memoirs, too. Aug 22, Emilie rated it it was amazing Shelves: for-work.

gcLi Leadership Edge :: Gus Lee Ethicist, Author & Speaker

I hope to write a formal review of this later, but for the time being Gus Lee is better known for his fiction, especially his New York Times bestsellers, but this instructional leadership title is worth more than a look. It is written in an incredibly accessible tone, is a quick read, but the material sticks with you, and is broken down in such a way that you can digest the lessons and utilize the methods so that you act with courage in every part of your life.

Sep 16, Cem dincer rated it really liked it.

Courage: The Backbone of Leadership / Edition 1

Sep 26, Sambasivan rated it really liked it. This is an uncommon topic for a full book but now gaining popularity. Courage as a trait can be practised on a daily basis and it definitely helps us overcome fear and practise integrity with character. Good read.

Courage: The Backbone of Leadership Summary

Apr 23, Tam rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone in business or ministry. Shelves: leadership. This book is so well-worth your time if you need to work with a team or extend leadership of any kind in your work. It teaches so much about healthy communication and integrity. A great, great book.

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Jul 01, Chris Theule-VanDam rated it liked it. Good focus on courage. Army, Retired. About the Author: Gus Lee is a best-selling author.

Lee is also a nationally-recognized expert on the subject of leadership and ethics. Lee has been a lawyer, board member, and an adjunct instructor for the Center for Creative Leadership. Dianne Elliot-Lee is an award-winning clinical nurse specialist. Copyright SqueezedBooks. There doesn't seem much point, for you or me, in offering something that so many others are already offering.

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