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7 Lessons 'Star Trek' Taught Us About Life, Leadership and Diversity | Space

What they discover will alter the course of scientific human history as we know it! They must learn how to interact, but how? Once I nailed down my idea for the story and shot it past Sarah, it quickly spiraled from just another fun story to being the lead story in the first issue of Waypoint. Sandra Lanz: I was recommended by fellow sci-fi comic creator, Malachi Ward.

What drew you to focusing on this duo for this story? To me at least.

Cates: Again, this was an absolute best case scenario for me. I had wanted to work with Mack for a very long time and we were just never able to line it up. When Sarah asked me who I wanted to cast on art for the book, he was my top, and only, choice. Mack is a great guy and just a wickedly talented artist.

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Everyone is going to flip out when they see this book. We all are. It made me think a lot about the origins of speech, evolution, and the process of learning to speak, which are the ideas I built my short around.

As an artist as well as a writer, can you tell us about some of the challenges of trying to recreate the retro-futurist aesthetic of the original Star Trek while keeping the art looking like a modern comic? The worlds they visit on the show are often times simple, idyllic, earth-like So I tried to capture that spirit when designing the setting for my story, and afterwards, punched up the vibrant Technicolor scheme to balance out my modern, digital drawing style.

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What do you consider to be the core of Star Trek? Cates: I think at the core of the series, and the thing that echoes throughout every incarnation of the show and movies and comics and what have you, is the idea of a future full of hope.

Character profiles and roles in the script:

Beyond the shiny starships and cool aliens and all of that is this idea that, if we can only get over our flawed human nature and our petty differences, if we can stop hating and fighting each other over lines in the dirt or imagined differences between us as people…. Usually, they want to rush to the rescue even if it's to their own crew's detriment, such as being exposed to a nasty disease in "The Original Series" episode "The Naked Time," Crewmembers not only willingly give up their lives for others, but also give up career or life opportunities.

For instance, in "The Next Generation" episode "Sins of the Father" , Worf willingly accepts a traitor accusation on behalf of his family to stop civil war among the Klingons. Worf's decision essentially makes him an exile from his people.

IDW Returns to STAR TREK Mirror Universe & Sends VOYAGER There For First Time

Other series had milestones such as including several aliens in the main cast "Deep Space Nine", , or featuring a female captain "Star Trek: Voyager," One can argue that "Star Trek" had more leeway in portraying crews this way because it was a science fiction series, but its decisions to embrace diversity still caused some difficulties for cast members. Kate Mulgrew who played Captain Kathryn Janeway on "Star Trek: Voyager" told a convention audience in that she was asked repeatedly for her character to have sex , something she felt shouldn't be necessary for a captain.

As for the interracial kiss, some reports say that NBC never intended for the Deep South to see it — a decision that fortunately did not come to fruition. Series creator Gene Roddenberry famously wanted to portray a utopian future where even the crew members did not argue among one another.

Star trekking across the universe

While "Star Trek" eventually did allow crews to bicker among themselves for dramatic purposes, there are several episodes in every series that challenge viewers to look at their culture and ask themselves what is truly right. A few examples: "Balance of Terror," "The Original Series" was an episode ostensibly about an encounter with the Romulans, but in reality it was showing that the Cold War between the United States and Russia was probably a futile exercise.

Every "Star Trek" series has a captain with his or her own distinctive personality; while hard to capture a person in a word, some adjectives to describe each captain could be bravado Kirk , strategy Picard , skepticism Sisko , sarcasm Janeway and dutifulness Archer.

Whatever their personality, however, each of these captains certainly occupied the chair with dignity and class — but still willing to admit they needed the help of others to do the job correctly. For example: In the episode "Detained," "Enterprise" , Archer is held captive in a prison and although he has an escape plan, it requires the efforts of the entire crew to get him out of there.

Kirk, Science Officer Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy, the crew's doctor.

Starfleet has always changed with the times. Its evil twin does, too.

Spock was an extremely logical Vulcan alien, while McCoy was an extremely emotional doctor who often complained that Kirk was asking him to do things outside of his expertise. When Kirk made a decision, he would often listen to both sides before deciding what to do. Kirk was also a brilliant strategist, in that he wouldn't just take one side or the other, but would combine logic and emotion to solve a problem.